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  • Fimo shape help!

    hi guys! learning lots this forum is great! now i want to make tiny letters to go on little blocks of clay, like childrens building blocks! any one no how i can get alphabet letters 2.5 - 3 mm maximum...ive been looking at sugar craft plunge tools? r these any good bit of advice before i buy!!! thanks xxxxxx

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    To be honest, I would be surprised if you can get any cutters to create letters that small. YOu can get metal stamps - for metal work etc which you could impress the letter down into the clay.

    As for sugar craft tools - most will work well with polymer clay, however- as with all tools for any crafts - you can can get good ones and bad ones. So it is impossible to say if they are any good without seeing the specific tool you mean.

    Most will be fine though - just be aware that some types of hard plastic will react with the polymer clay and go all gooey if left in contact for even a few minutes. So try to get metal where you can and when using plastic just keep an eye on things - wipe them after use and don't let the clay sit in contact with them just in case they are also made from a PVC based plastic.
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      oh my goodness - you would need a magnifying glass to cut letters so tiny! I bought some alphabet cutters from ebay but they are about 2cm big. I think those are the smallest they go.


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        I've got a push mould to make letters and number and I've not seen anything smaller so far - would be nice mind you!
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          ah! where did u get that from?what measurementts are they? im so confused really want to make a car, ie wedding car but no idea how to do it... do u need to have some sort of frame or something? please help! lol ur toppers are fab pauline! thanks for the replies!


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            How about stamping the text into it? Will that work at all? Studio G do a range of very inexpensive alphabets in a variety of fonts (like £1 to £1.50 per set), that might be useful for you?

            If not google Lindy's cakes and have a look on her website, she's got fantastic cake decorating bits and bobs, including alphabets iirc.

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