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    I'm new here I was just wondering whether any one knew at what temperature fimo burns/melts completely. I don't even know if its possible to really burn into into ashes and was interested to know. Thanks if anyone can help.

    I am really into crafts, and jewellery making. I particularly love fimo. Hope to get to know you all.


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    Im not sure if you can burn it into ashes, I suppose it is possible but wouldn't recommend it in your own oven, it does give off nasty / toxic fumes when over cooked. if you really must try it do it outside. it would be an interesting experiment.
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      Don't even try it! As Hils says, if you burn Fimo or any other polymer clay, it gives off nasty, toxic fumes.

      To be honest, there is nothing to be gained by cremating your clay ;-) Burnt plastic is never particularly attractive!

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        Oh my word - this brings back memories. I once spent a whole day making load of different beads and I popped the trays in the oven and went out to do some gardening. When I came back there was black smoke billowing out of the kitchen and my beads were reduced to charcoal. I had leaned against the temperature dial after putting them in and whacked the temp up to the maximum! I was so upset but I have never done it again. So in answer to your question - Yes - it is definitely possible to burn polymer clay to ashes!


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          Not really a good idea, burnt fimo is toxic in fact done correctly will give off fumes. I have burnt things by changing my oven from electric to gas ( very trial and error!) mind you my cooking isn't up to much either!
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            Originally posted by bubbleicious View Post
            . . . mind you my cooking isn't up to much either!
            Just having a flashback now to the Rice Crispie cakes I burnt last week - overdid the melting of the chocolate in the microwave . . . .

            Now I understand why DH does most of the cooking !

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              Hi Everyone,

              I was not considering trying to burn the fimo into ashes lol. I just was curious as to whether this is possible. Thank you all for your replies. I havent burnt any creations yet (touch wood). Some say it is more like a plastic than a clay, and as I thought plastic melts rather than burns to cinders I was intrigued.



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                Oh it is definitely a plastic. It's primary ingredient is PVC. That said, not all plastics will melt anyway, some will simply smoulder and char.

                I hope I didn't cause any offense in my answer, just wasn't sure if you were just wondering or had some idea to actually try it which would have been quite a bad way to lose a new member so quickly ;-)

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