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  • Attaching to Fabric

    I am making a belt buckle and cloak clasp for a costume out of fimo clay. What is the best way to make these attachable to the fabric and removable? (as cheaply as possible)

    Would have thought baking in a press stud end, however the tool to attach it to the fabric is pretty expensive.

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    Polymer clay in the thicknesses I am imagining you are using for a buckle isn't hugely strong. So using it with a press stud and the force that takes to click in and out might be asking for trouble anyway.

    Could you use velcro tape and glue it to the back of the Fimo? Its really hard to say without seeing the exact way you are trying to connect and fimo and fabric and what shapes we are talking about. But maybe you could sew ribbons to the fabric and tie the fimo buckle and clasp on?

    I am sure there is a way, just need more details really about the specifics of your project. If you have photos that would help enormously.
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