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Couple of questions re Polymer Clay

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  • Couple of questions re Polymer Clay

    Didn't want to hijack Amanda's thread about her lovely beads she has made with her new tools, so thought I had better start a new one.

    Having said I couldn't find anywhere to buy acrylic sheets, of course Ebay! (I am not really an ebayer and always forget about it!). Next quesiton is how big/small should they be for working with the clay and making beads and what thickness, I have seen alot that are 2mm thick but think this is a bit thin?

    Also re the clays, just wonder, can you mix the clays, ie Cernit with Fimo. I note that the baking temp for Cernit is 110 - 130 and for Fimo it is 130, so from that sense should be Ok (and the cooking time is the same) but wonder if there is any other reason why you shouldn't mix them, different forumlations?

    Off to go and get my book from the library I ordered about making polymer clay beads, such a horrible day, don't fany the house work so going to treat myself with a bead day! (might do the housework later)

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    It can be worth asking in DIY places that sell plexiglass if they have any off cuts of sheets. Or the acrylic blocks sold to use with clear rubber stamps can also be used.

    In regards to mixing clays - its always a good idea to experiment, but generally speaking the clays are intermixable. If using clays with different baking temps, just use the lowest of the temperatures to bake your creations.

    The temps given on the packets are always the max temp for that clay, but each product will cure at a lower temp. So Cernit will cure at 110 degrees, the baking temp of Fimo, and if you don't go higher than that, you won't risk burning the Fimo.
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