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What to wrap raw canes with??

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  • What to wrap raw canes with??

    A bit of an 'odd' question perhaps, but can anyone recommend a material to wrap raw polymer canes in for storage/transport.

    I'm doing a clay demo at a the Artisan exhibition later this year and will be selling a selection of raw canes for people to take away - I need something that I can wrap them in for people to take home.

    At the moment I use bank coin bags to keep my odds & sods of clay in, as they're the only type of plastic I've found that doesn't react with raw clay long term, but I can hardly wrap whole canes in them!!

    I was thinking about tinfoil - would this be 'safe' in terms of longer term (maybe a few weeks) storage?? I'm guessing customers that buy the canes might not use them straight away so I need something that will be ok for a few weeks.


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    have you tried cling film. I use plastic storage boxes with no 'ill effects' but I'm guessing you wont want to give those away
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      Greaseproof paper, perhaps?


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        The little plastic ziplock / self-seal baggies that you get for beads and stuff are usually fine with clay.

        however, I like to wrap canes in a little baking paper and hold the thing together with a little masking tape (easier to remove without damaging the cane than selllotape)

        I have canes that are many years old now stored this way with no problems.

        Clingfilm can be hit or miss - you need to be sure it isn't pvc based. Personally I just avoid clingfilm for clay storage - had too many problems with it.
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