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Just made my first ones!

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  • Just made my first ones!

    Got some cernit from Emma and set about making some beads today, they are fab; sorry no pics yet, got to sort the camera out. Used the porceline finish, just lovely, a little buffing is all that is required I found. Have some perlecent ones in the oven as I speak mixed with the porcelain in swirly pattens. Now just got to find the right medium to mix them with for jewellry. Don't go well with silver spacer beads, maybe I need to make some small (that will be fun) ones as spacers. I found the holes a bit tricky but have some thoughts on this, I think the tooth picks were a bit big. They do have a few handprints on them and are not fully round, but I think it adds to the charm of them !

    Now I just need to find a way to give up my day job so I can concentrate on this.

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    Oh yey!

    I just love the porcelain-like finish of the Cernit "Number One" colours. Remember they do have an opaque white in the range too, which you can add to any of the colours to make them a little less "porcelaneous"

    I can't wait to see your beads.

    As for the holes - really much of it is practise. I use a toothpick to make my bead holes, but if you find the hole too large for what you need, then switch to a needle tool or similar. The only tips I have really are to allow the beads to cool down and become firm before you attempt the holes (even put them in the fridge for 10 mins)

    Secondly, when making the hole - start from one side and continue until the tool just peeps out the other side. Then remove the tool and work from this point back into the bead to complete the whole. That should give you a neat hole both sides with no blown-out bits.
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      I must have been paying attention somewhere along the line cos I didnt forget to put them in the fridge and I did try the put it through one side and then the other and that certainly worked, prevented the beads from going lopsided too. I have got some darning type needles which are smaller than the toothpicks, but how should I bake them. I was doing it by threading the beads onto the toothpicks and resting these on the wire trays in the oven. I suppose I could use some thick wire? Should have been doing some work today so having to catch up now! Oh, it's such fun.

      By the way the pearlescent ones are out now and although they are nice I definately prefer the porcelain ones, they are just gorg.