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  • Drilling?

    I've commited the sin of forgetting to put a hole in my pendant before baking. I've got a dremel but not sure which bit I need to buy/use to drill a hole through the clay. Is there a specific attachment to use that does the best job?

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    Got a dremil too and no idea how to use it hope it will get more use when I start my silversmithing at the end of the month. Hope someone can advise you soon. Mo.XX
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      Baked clay is quite soft - so probably any type of drill bit will work.

      I actually would just use the drill bit and do it by hand. It will give you a good feel for how the baked clay reacts and if it is only a pendant, well it would be quicker to do it by hand than bother plugging in the dremel probably!
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        Emma's right. I use ordinary (HSS titanium tipped) drill bits, the ones for drilling metal & wood. I prefer to use the bits hand held or in a pin vise. There is a serious danger of things going wrong with any powered drill, generally I find it difficult to be accurate when first starting the hole. It would be quicker by hand, anyway, for just one bead.
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