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Fimo, resin, and ovens

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  • Fimo, resin, and ovens

    Hi! I have some ideas around combining polymer clay with resin and have a couple of questions. I have some polyester resin (probably gone off) and will be getting some epoxy - if that makes any difference.

    I think I've come across people using baked clay to form enclosures to set resin in... but can set resin be baked with polymer clay or will it set my house on fire?! I'd like to form a polymer clay surround over an already cured resin piece.

    I'd also like to fix clay pieces to findings like pendant backs - can those (and things like jump rings) be baked safely with the clay? I guess that might depend what they're made of, though. Otherwise, what sort of glue should I be looking at using?

    Hope you can help

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    There's quite a bit of info online about resin and Fimo- I found some videos on YouTube. Although I make Poly beads, I know nothing about resin.. Sorry to be so unhelpful!
    Amanda xx

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      Heehee, no worries - I have search (wouldn't post before doing so) but not come across the question this way round - perhaps my search-foo is poor, but still. If nobody has any suggestions I may just risk the oven and give it a go anyway

      In other news, fimo is HARD! Last time I played with it was as a kid, and with much less demanding and specific ideas than I have now. Gonna be a lot of trial and error before I work this one out, I think...


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        I'm sorry, I can't offer much help either. I have only every used epoxy resins with already baked polymer clay.

        Hope you find the answers you need though - maybe you can contact the manufacturers of the resins and ask what temps the cured product can withstand?
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