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Losing the will to live and the use of my arms!

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  • Losing the will to live and the use of my arms!

    Yes...sanding! I HATE it!

    I've been looking for ways to sand without having to use my arms because I NEED them and the way I'm going they will drop off if I sand one...more...bead!

    Found a few mentions of using a rotary toothbrush adapted with sandpaper...could this apply to a dremel also? I have the dremel, could I not just cut circles of the wet/dry sandpaper and use that?

    Another site I found mentioned tumbling the beads with river rocks.

    Anyone tried anything besides hand sanding?
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    I'd be scared to use my dremel in case I sanded the tops of my fingers off!

    Have you tried using a rotary toothbrush with some kind of paste - not taking the mickey here, I've used Astonish for fine sanding. I think it's meant for your oven but since housework is hubby's department and my job is as least as much making the mess so he feels useful as making anything else, I think you can buy it from lakeland and wilkinson's. I tend to just pinch his cleaning supplies from under the sink!

    You might get some joy with changing your sanding technique too. I actually rest my elbows and most of the sanding action for beads is in my fingers not my arms. Sort of squish the sandpaper round the bead and work in circles. Please forgive me if that's obvious, I spent years re-inventing the wheel with people not telling me things because they thought it was obvious!

    Of course you could do a big favour to the world and convince all your customers that raw unsanded beads are bang on trend and you happen to know that they'll be THE NEXT BIG THING! ;0). That'll probably fly just as well as me trying to convince my 12 year old that clean, tidy bedrooms are really cool.

    Good luck

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