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    Hi, new here and have had a bit of a look about but was looking for some advice/instructions on making my own clay beads. The type/make of clay I have found is Fimo so wonder if folks have any thoughts on if this is a good one or can advise me on this.

    Also I was looking for hints and tips and finally I wonder how you can make them shiny if you want to, ie do you polish (and how do you do this) or do you varnish (and what should you use).

    Sorry, seems like alot of questions and I feel a bit lazy as I am sure if I had a really really good trawl though the posts I would find things

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    Hi and welcome!

    To be honest, I think polymer clay beadmaking is such a vast subject, you are quite right - you will need to spend some time researching the posts here and other sites on the internet. Because the good news is, all the infomation you could need and more is already out there, just waiting for you to check it out.

    But a quick answer to your questions - Yes, Fimo is a good brand of clay, the oldest and original polymer clay of all those on the market. But do try a variety of brands to see which you like best. They each have their own "personalities"

    To make the clay shiny, you need to wet-sand it after baking so it is smooth. Then you can buff it or varnish it. But if you google something like "finishing polymer clay beads" I bet you will find a lot of really good info on exactly how to do that.

    Good luck, polymer clay beadmaking is a wonderfully rewarding hobby!
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