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My new Goth sculpt.

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  • My new Goth sculpt.

    I have been busy doing a sculpt for a Breast Cancer Art project , so haven't posted a sculpt for a while. However I am back to my fantasy world now LOL! thank goodness!!!! .
    Have a peek at Fina fun Goth on my blog if you have time friends.

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    She's fab Had a look at your breast cancer one too. Well done, it can't have been easy. I hope you are making a good recovery and I'm hoping you're doing ok too.

    cj xx
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      Hi Pepsi....good to see you back.....Hope your dark place is a little lighter and that you are well on the road to a full recovery..your goth fairy is fabulous, I am in awe of anyone who can do what you do with clay, I can barely make beads. guess my talents lay in other directions. I hope the auction does really well.
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        She's beautiful, best wishes to you xxx!/pages/Got...28851500470172


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          Well, she certainly looks like a fun-lovin type! I think she is wonderful!!

          I also think your breast cancer art was stunning also. You said in your blog she wasn't pretty, well I might agree with that. Not pretty, more than pretty, actually very beautiful and very emotive.

          Your scupt actually got me thinking about the subject in a way that many other things havent. I can see all the pink ribbons and words in the world and not really connect as much as I do when seeing the actual realities of how this horrible disease ravages a woman's body. And that is just the ravaging you can see - how it feels to be inside that body, to go through those traumas is a whole other level.

          It is a subject close to heart at the moment as my grandmother's breast cancer has returned as she is due to have the op next month. It doesn't help that her half sister keeps telling her "not to bother" with it at because of her age.

          It will be hard for my grandmother - she might be 81, but she and her toyboy quite enjoy her body still I think ;-) . I think I would be the same as you, and just want shot of the breast (although obviously I never know until in that position). But I know my gran will take losing her breast quite hard, how she looks physically has always been a big part of who she is if that makes any sense.

          Anyway.... sorry for hijacking your thread, but doesn't it go to show the power of art. Your sculpt has made me connect to everything going on in my family so much more than anything else lately. It is a really powerful piece and although it was obviously hard for you to do, I think it was so worthwhile.

          But I am also really glad to see you back to the land of fantasy as you obviously deserve a well-earned break from the heavier parts of reality and I cannot think of a better way to escape than your beautiful fairy sculpts.

          Don't forget to show her when she has got her wings!
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            Oh Emma your poor Gran.
            Tell her from me to just go for it. Im sure her toy boy loves her for more than her body eh?
            The treatments can be grueling but doable all the same. So worth it to get your life back.
            That cancer is so sneaky it can effect anyone, any age. There has never been any breast cancer in my family till me sob sob! I breast fed my babies so no idea why it happend.
            I am part of a little band of very brave inspirational women at the breast clinic. All ages. And best of all, all in remittion. They can do wonders these days darl.
            Give your Grandmother my love and tell her never ever give in. She can do it. (((( HUGS )))) xxxx Rita

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              Thanks Rita

              So glad to hear your positive story.

              My nan had a low grade cancer a few years ago which they treated with tablets, and they wanted to remove it then and do radiotherapy but she refused. Anyway, long story short, it came back and hopefully she will have the treatment this time.

              She makes out that she is scared of the operation, but we don't buy that for a moment as she has never been scared to go under the surgeons knife for her plastic surgery!

              Really though she is just a stubborn old goat and has to go against whatever anyone recommends to her.

              Anyway I do hope she will stop being silly and just do as she is told this time! I will certainly pass on your kind wishes to her.

              I have to admit, I am ashamed to say I know so little about this disease that it is all rather new on me. I am guessing though that we do have family history so I need to be more aware myself. After all, my nan had it, and I know a biological daughter she gave up for adoption recently went through it also.

              Thanks for sharing yuor story with us and take good care of yourself.

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                You are wonderfully talented, and clearly a very strong lady. You are inspirational, thank you for sharing. x


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                  You have a beautiful talent stunning translucent skin and gorgeous eye how do you do it ?
                  I think your breast cancer sculpture is breath taking and bold what a wonderful idea thank you for sharing this. Your story is so heart warming and i am so glad your on the road to recovery and back to doing what you love in sculpting!
                  My MIL has just had an operation for breast and bowel cancer luckly she is also recovering well like you.
                  She has just begun chemotherapy and will soon loose her hair, art work like yours is an inspiration to those who have had cancer. She has been fitted for a wig but wants to be brave enough to go without it and be proud that she beat cancer
                  I will link your blog to my MIL :-)


                  Sarah x
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                    She's beautiful and flighty looking - love her!!!

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                      Your sculpts are always fabulous, but I have to say your breast cancer one took my breath away, she is beautiful - brought a tear to my eye - in a good way. You are obviously a wonderfully brave woman!!!!!


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                        She is absolutely gorgeous. I love her eyes.

                        Have left two comments on your blog, for this and for your cancer project xxx
                        Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars