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Baked Clay and Hot Weather

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  • Baked Clay and Hot Weather

    I was sorting/sanding beads and pendants in the garden yesterday and some items were left in the sun. The pendants went a bit bendy and the hollow beads squidgy. Is this normal? I know it was hot but didn't expect them to react like this. My husband thinks they may not have been cured properly in the first place. Any ideas?
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    Polymer clays does soften and carry on curing if left in hot envirnoments or direct sunlight, ideally it should be avoided.

    If polymer clay is over cured it becomes more brital when it cools again. It is important to cure each make to the manufacturers specifications as if not cured to the right temprature or underbacked it eventually errodes from the inside out a bit like an underbacked cake eventually collapsing.

    I have an oven thermometer to be as accurate as possible in curing.

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      It's a new one on me - I often leave my beads on the windowsil and they get very hot there, but they have never softened. Mind you, my beads tend to be solid - not flatter peices like pendants or hollow walled beads.

      I wouldn't worry though - polymer clay is basically PVC and all PVC products become a bit softer in extreme heat. So it seems very plausible to me that thinner clay pieces like pendants or hollows might do this. It doesn't mean it was not cured properly. Just dunk them in cold water and they will firm up again!
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