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making fimo moulds

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  • making fimo moulds

    Hi, i want to make a mould out of fimo ( for a flat lego brick!) any advice please??? thanks in advance x
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    You can just roll out a flattened wad of conditioned Fimo, lay it on a Ceramic tile and dust it over with corn powder or talcum powder. Then press the flat lego piece into it carefully and remove (because you cannot bake the lego, it will warp) You can even stick some other lego into the back of the piece you are trying to mould to make a handle to easily pull it out once you have moulded it.

    Then just bake the Fimo in place on the tile, according to the baking instructions. Be sure to allow it to cool before handling as it will not go rigid until you do.

    My brother did some interesting moulding the other week using lego - this might also work for you.

    He built a box, using flat lego for a base, and 4 walls of single bricks around the edge to form an open container. Then he fixed the item he wanted to mould to the bottom and filled the whole thing with a pourable moulding compound. It worked quite well.

    So you could do this - build your moulding container, fix the lego peice to the base and then use a pourable RTV moulding compound. That would give you a more flexible mould of your lego brick.

    Let us know how you get on!
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