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Ideas for simple wine glass charms for a beginner

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  • Ideas for simple wine glass charms for a beginner

    Hi Guys looking for some inspiration and advice on staring to make wine charms (I handpaint wine glasses and want to do these as and add on) I have some block of polymer clay so ready to go just not sure where to begin

    Any advice gratefully recieved
    Laura x

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    Polymer clay is excellent for making wine glass charms.

    But the trouble is, there are so many different techniques, so many different styles really its like asking how long is a piece of string!

    You could try, for example, going down the modelling/ miniature route. Use the Fimo to create little themed charms. (So maybe a cheese and wine theme, where you model a little cheese for one charm, a fresh loaf for another, bunch of grapes for another etc etc)

    Millefiore caning is also fun for creating charms. In one of my books I did a project creating simple citrus canes using opaque and coloured translucent clays. So one charm looked like a slice of lemon, the others a slice of lime, orange, grapefruit etc.

    You could also go more abstract - maybe just tiles of black textured polymer clay dusted with different colours of Perfect Pearl powders - that can look really striking and a little more arty-farty.

    I think much will depend on your own individual style - obviously you will be wanting to create a range of charms that work well with your exisiting glasses and carry on the theme. Maybe if you show us some piccies of your glasses we can come up with more ideas for the wine charms?
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      Thanks Emma

      From reading through this section of the forum I realise you are somewhat of an expert in this field, what is the name of your books? Can you also point me in the direction of what the best tools are for getting started. I already have a chooping board, a rolling pin(wooden) and a selection of cutters what else would be cheap and most effective tools. I have seen some types of rollers for creating beads but other than that not so sure.

      I love the wine and cheese idea and the slices of fruit would be a great

      I am having trouble taking good pics of my glasses because of the shine from them but as soon as I get some good ones I will get them on.

      Laura x