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  • Animal Print Beads!

    Hi all,
    I really want to make some tiger/zebra stripe beads, i've tried but to be honest it was a rubbish attempt
    I was just wondering if anyone knew of a on-line tutorial(I've checked you tube)
    or if anyone knows themselves!
    Thanks in advance


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    I have been looking, but cannot find a tute for you,

    Best thing is to find a good picture of the pattern you want to replicate first.

    it is a lot easier to build a cane from something you are looking at rather than trying to remember / imagine what the skin looks like.

    Start with Zebra, it will be easier as there are only two colours and you can work out your technique. Then move onto the hard stuff - tiger

    I think I would approach it just by making some very thick sheets of clay, say credit card size and about 4 mm thick or so. Roll some so they are thinner on one edge and start stacking them together alternating between black and white. You will end up somewhere close to where you need to be.

    But looking at the patterns you want to emulate will really help. Then you can go about thinking how to translate what you are seeing into a cane.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!
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      This shows a giraffe cane but I haven't made it so not sure how easy it would be. Good luck!!
      I bought some zebra print fimo beads from my local bead shop and absolutely love them!

      Helena xx


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        From the link helena posted, you could try the one called Basic Spliced Cane. (can't post the direct link yet)
        It looks like it could easiliy be adapted for zebra as it's got uneaven stripes anyway, maybe just from the first few steps. Having never made a proper cane before, I have no idea though lol.
        So many things to make, so little time!


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          Thank you all for your replies,
          I'll have a good study at the link first and then I'll have another go, the giraffe ones look good tho
          I will post piccies when I get some done,
          Thanks again



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            Just came across this persons photos on Flickr and noticed they had a tutorial for a tiger cane. Might give you some ideas.

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              zebra beads

              hi i'm new to the site and was just flicking threw, if your still intrested in zebra print beads, i made some simply by stacking thin sheets of black and white clay on top of each other, then simply slicing it up and placing in a random fashion onto the bead.
              hope that still helps.
              my website shows what i think are gud results


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                ive done black/white zebra beads and have come out a sucess, i got some black/white fimo, made 3 thin black sheets and 4 white thin sheets, cut them into even square cane size and placed them ontop of each other, then with a sharp cutting knife i sliced the cane into thin strips,i got some more black clay, cut up to what size you want and rolled them into beads, then i placed the cane slices onto the bead all different ways as this will not make the pattern look like full stripes not zebra ones. its fine if the cane slices arnt perfectly straight as zebra ones arnt anyways so best if they are not perfect. thats how i do mine =] this is one i did with pink and black clay =]
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                  Hi all,
                  I love making animal print beads, well you will know it as soon as you visit my website lol I actually think animal prints are very easy...I'm self tought and I think i've done well considering that I've only been claying for a few months I've used a flickr tutorial mentioned above for all my tiger prints. Zebra is not much different, U can use the same tiger tutorial, just use black & white clay obviously
                  Good luck!