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How to use Perfect Pearls

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  • How to use Perfect Pearls

    I bought some Perfect Pearls from Emma some time ago and I now feel a bit confident to use them, I am still learning about polymer clay and I would like to know what is the best way of adding perfect pearls to the clay.

    I also have the fine glitter too and will be trying that out too so watch this space!


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    Perfect pearls are just delicious on polymer clay! What is better, they have an inbuilt resin so bond really well with the clay in the baking process - unlike other mica-based powders.

    To use them is easy, just brush them dry over unbaked clay with a paintbrush and then brush off the excess. You can blend colours together too to create new shades.

    Once baked, you can leave the clay as it is. However, if you varnish the clay, it will make the powder colours even more vibrant.

    The colours usually work best on dark clay, especially black.

    You can also add them to varnish and use over baked clay too, or add them to liquid clay such as Fimo Gel. The options are endless.
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      This polymer clay malarky sounds like it's loads of fun!

      I keep hearing about glitter and colours and all sorts. Can't wait to see what your beads come out like raicreations

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        Oh no no no ...I really must stop reading this section...will be placing an order soon Emma
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          woo hoo! and on that positive note, I think I shall finally tootle off to bed.

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 - beads, polymer clay, glitters and inks oh my
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            I am a newbie and have just sat and had a play with the perfect pearls and beads.They are in the oven right now. I will try and put a pic up later.

            Oh I can't put up a pic because I haven't made 25 posts yet so I have put a pic up on my new bead blog.(in my sig)

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