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Where do you buy your polymer clay from?

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  • Where do you buy your polymer clay from?

    I was just wondering if anyone could recommend some websites, at the moment I'm just buying off ebay

    Hayley x

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    Ebay seems to be the cheapest place I have found so far.


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      I'm going to Hobby Craft and they have good selection of tools too.(when they are not running out of stock)


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        I bought a pack of 24 colours from John Lewis, think it was billed as a starter pack or something, it was about £8-10 cheaper than I could find anywhere, even ebay! ( wondered if mispriced at first or if I had picked up a pack from the wrong hook, but no, a couple of months on it's still the same)
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          If you are looking for Fimo or Cernit, I sell it, along with oodles of other polymer clay goodies. My clay stocks are always fresh plus I offer my customers good technical support on the product too, since I am also a dedicated clay user and not just a box-shifter.
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            I normally buy the big blocks from bead as they offer free postage when you spend a certain amount so I wait until I need to order loads and do a big bulk order!


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              If you are looking for 24 colour multi-packs, you could also try Baker Ross
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                I've bought from CraftMill and a seller on ebay because I like to use premo sculpey and studio sculpey and those sellers do good offers for buying multiple packs where you can choose which colours you need.
                Sculpey seems a bit harder than Fimo to get hold of over here so I have less choice!
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                  I've only dabbled in fimo, so I just bought a few single packs from hobbycraft when I was last in there, but I'm thinking of doing more things with it so had a look on ebay and there seems to be some great deals on just to narrow down all the colours i want, not to mention the inks and stamps and glitters.....
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                    I have to recommend EJR Beads: My fimo always gets to me really quickly from Emma, which is awesome when I'm jonesing for polymer clay play *G*

                    (Although sometimes I buy from my nearby bead shop...have to spread some local support too!)
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                      Years ago, you could buy Fimo in Homebase... ah, them was the days!

                      Don't think you can still though - always thought it was an odd thing for them to sell, but back then it was one of the few places I could find it.

                      The fact that you can buy Fimo from so many places now is cool and shows how well the product is doing. Other brands are a little less easy to find, but still I think we are in the middle of a polymer clay renaissance - which makes me

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                        I have to agree that Emma Ralph's shop is great to buy from, she is very helpful, super fast delivery and loads of selection,



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                          The Range is great for Fimo. A good 20p per block cheaper than Hobbycraft and £10 cheaper for the 24 pack of half blocks - and it's nice and fresh.

                          Mail order I have used Bead Merrily and EJ Ralph and currently have a large order with Polymer Clay Express in the USA (their Kato is cheaper than anywhere I can find in the UK) which I will be picking up in France! (they are attending the same course as me and will have a shop there - sorry wallet)
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                            I've bought the half block packs of Fimo from The Range too, but the shops seem to be few and far between! I miss my local Range because their craft section was huge compared to anywhere else, and good prices too.

                            Luckily there's an independant craft shop I found (I say found because it looks like a card shop from the outside) in Loughborough and they stock lots of Fimo and Sculpey in everything from the standard square blocks to huge 1Kg things I didn't know existed.

                            I think I need to post my own thread now looking for ideas.
                            So many things to make, so little time!


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                              Anybody in the South West should have a look in Trago Mills (I go to Newton Abbot). Although generally I hate the place (too busy) if I'm passing, mid-week & early in the morning, I will nip in. Last time I bought it, Fimo 56g was £1.19 & yes, I did check, it was fresh. I have bought 3 or 4 lots in their & the weird thing is I've paid 3 different prices, £1.69, £1.49 & £1.19. Thankfully it's been getting cheaper.

                              I also go in the Range for the odd block as it's nearby.

                              Online I tend to use the Polymer Clay Pit. I took out membership which gives 10% discount & free p&p. Great for when you just want the odd item. I shall continue to use them to recoup the cost of membership then reassess.

                              Certainly judging by her helpfullness on here, & positive feedback, I would consider ordering from ejr beads in future.
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