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  • Polymer Clay Thief!

    Well, I have seen some blatant thievery of my designs over the years, but never quite so "in my face"

    This morning, a squirrel ran off with one of the polymer clay wind chimes in my MIL's garden! Run under our very noses - he stole one of the Butterfly windchimes that was one of the props for my book.

    It has been hanging up there for years, and today he just ups and takes it away. Maybe a Valentines gift for Mrs Squirrel?

    Funny thing was, we were watching him in the tree before and he looked very very depressed. We all commented what a sad squirrel he looked, so maybe they had had a row and he was in the dog-house and needed a sorry gift?

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    Just shows, even squirrels can have good taste

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      Lol. I'm sure Mrs. Squirrel will love her present. It may put him back in her good books, even if he's not in yours.
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        Well I never!!!! If you had said a magpie I wouldn't have been surprised, but a squirrel!!!

        Well it's probably got pride of place hanging outside chez squirrel. Will make a good deterrent for any other animal wanting to steal the little baby squirrels.

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          Very funny, he obviously has a decorative corner in mind


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            Well I hope that Mrs Squirrel is happy with her present... And that they are friends again now!
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              Squirrels can be very mischievious and naughty, very destructive too, but they are cute arnt they.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                I have this wonderful image in my mind of a very sad Mrs Squirrel who thinks she has been forgotten on Valentines Day who is then greeted by a smug-looking Mr Squirrel. He hasn't forgotten at all!! - From behind his back, he whips out the most wonderful gift she has ever seen and they laugh and hug and all the baby squirrels come out of their rooms to see what all the noise is about...

                All is well again in the land of Mr & Mrs Squirrel....

                See, now I am getting carried away! (Or maybe the little men in white coats are on their way as we speak....)
                Ali x

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                  That is really wuite funny!! I hope the squirrel finds a good home for it and looks after it for you! Maybe next time he could pay for one?
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                    Originally posted by indri View Post
                    That is really wuite funny!! I hope the squirrel finds a good home for it and looks after it for you! Maybe next time he could pay for one?
                    I will be impressed if Mr Squirrel turns up, asks and pays for a commission piece!

                    Our foxes pay for the food we give them. The currency is tennis balls 'bought' from the tennis courts down the road! A magpie brought us a keyring too!
                    Terry xxx
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                      Hope that he doesn't start to produce them himself and start selling to the squirrel community. Think of all that lost revenue.


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                        Lets hope the squirell police don't catch up with him!!

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                          Hahahahaha I love the thought of sad Mr squirrel stealing a windchime!

                          Alicat I love the way your imagination works too!


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                            Little tyke eh? You will have to make a polymer clay squirrel with a angry face on him to hang where the wind chime was LOL.
                            I Love the little squirrels though. xxx

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                              oh how brilliant! Well at least you know he has good taste!