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  • Making fimo charms...

    Hello, I'm going to have a go at making some fimo charms to put on a necklace, but am struggling to see how to get some sort of finding into the charm without ruining it.

    Is it possible to put a jump ring in before they go in the oven?? They won't expode or anything will they haha??


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    I have found the best way for me is to inert a headpin smooth end into the clay and cook with that in situ. Once baked, you can remove the head pin and then finish off your bead and then insert a top pin into the hole left by the head pin. ( They are a screw with a loop.) by not making the initial hole too big, the screw goes ion really well and is unlikely to work loose.

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      Great advice! I make my hole with a cocktail stick and bake them with them in. After baking I use a head pin with a seed bead to keep the charm from falling off, but I may be changing my method from now on!
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        You can certainly bake the polymer clay with any jewellery findings in place.

        Just be aware that the clay will not bond with the metal. So, in the case of eyepins etc, you will need to glue the finding back into place after baking with a dab of superglue or epoxy glue, like araldite.

        I did some ball charms this way for one of the projects in my book - really simple round beads with an eyepin glued into place after baking. Several years later, they are still going fine. And my mum wears them almost daily and really gives them some abuse

        I like Beadsbydesigns screw in top-pin idea too (beautiful bracelet by the way!)
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          Beadsbydesing - what a fab idea. Please can you tell me where I can get some of these "top pins"? And do you need to use glue as well when putting them in?
          Thanks for the top tip!


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            I use screw in top pins too - get mine from here

            I kind of screw mine into the unbaked charm with a little dab of liquid sculpey on them. Seems to give a pretty strong and neat finish.

            I used them to make these.
            One thing that happened to me though - first try of making these charms I'd baked the top coloured part with the pins in, then added the other white parts and baked them again. The tops all cracked around where the pins were after that second baking. I can only assume that the screws expanded and because the clay had already hardened it caused it to split.
            If you only intend to bake something in one go it will be fine though.
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              Thanks for the info Kookizu and those charms of yours are just too gorgeous!