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Painting then Glossing Fimo Beads

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  • Painting then Glossing Fimo Beads

    Hi everyone,

    Need everyones help..AGAIN. I have been having a go at making Fimo beads and I am really enjoying it, I was wondering once you have baked the beads and they have cooled, can you paint them?? I was thinking just little details to make them pretty. Then once the paint has dried you gloss them as normal?

    If this is possible, what paint do people recommend??


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    You can paint with acrylics and varnish but be careful what varnish you use because some of it goes 'tacky' and won't dry properly! I use one called Studio by Sculpey. It's a small bottle but it goes a long way.
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      As Gail said, you need to use acrylic paints or inks on baked clay. Oil paints are best avoided as they can have problems drying properly.

      It is a good idea to give the baked clay a very light sanding with fine grade wet/dy sandpaper, then wipe it clean. This will give you a great surface to apply the paint to.

      As mentioned - the varnish also needs to be compatible. We carry the Fimo Waterbased varnish which is ideal.
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