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  • Ripple blade

    Hello my lovely clayers.

    Now, I know that I'm asking a question in the right section.

    Do you know where I can get ripple blade from? I'm desperate to have one, but it's nothing on or .com I find one in Hobby Craft, but it's in 3pack from Fimo. I'm using Kato Nu Blade and I'm extremaly satisfy, so no need for me to buy another ones.

    If anybody have new spare one I could swap to Kato Flexi blade.(I bought and newer use, becouse the Nu blade is flexible enough for me)

    Any ideas are very welcome:-)


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    Hi Joanna

    I am still hunting around to see if i have a spare ripple blade around the place - just so you don't think no-one is answering.

    My desk is knee deep in crud though and I have an appointment with my lampworking torch today, but I will let you know if I find a spare. I don't tend to use them much, so there is every chance there is one hanging around somewhere!

    Will let you know when I have had chance to have a proper look,
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      Sorry I can't help. I have always wanted to try one of these blades, but like you I didn't want to buy the 3 pack! Hope you find one and let us know how you used it.


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        Thank you Ladies for replay
        At least I know someone is reading and trying;-)

        I would love to use it before the Jewellery Show, but I'm looking for a text stamp too. This type of like Donna Kato is using in her projects. I've searched whole Hobby Craft and local shop too and nowhere to be seen:-/.

        Waiting in patience for deep diggin Emma




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          Hi Joanna

          Sorry, but I couldn't find a ripple blade for you. I searched my studio last night and nada!

          I don't understand why this is, because I know I have opened at least two of the 3 packs of blades in the last year or so when I lost one of the flexi blades and so those ripply blades must have gone somewhere!

          I suppose the clue is in the question there though, as you can see - I am no stranger to losing blades. I think there is a fairy here that steals pens, scissors and tissue blades. Must be quite a messed up fairy come to think of it.

          Sorry I couldn't help out this time - will let you know if any turn up.

          It got me thinking though, maybe it would be useful to sell the blades separately sometimes? Will have to think on that.
 - unique art beads & more
 - beads, polymer clay, glitters and inks oh my
 - Like me at Facebook!


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            Oh what's a pity;-/

            But if some day you will have more luck you know where I'm.

            Thank you for trying:-)



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              I also would like to be able to buy a single ripple blade!

              I was thinking of buying something like this, which might do the trick for me because I need to cut fairly thin rolled out pieces... a proper blade would be better though!
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                your idea is simillar to mine.I thought about buying a sope slicer/cutter, but as well I think the slices will be too thick. If you will ever find one somewhere let me know about our dreaming place :-)


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