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Best white clay for me?

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  • Best white clay for me?

    I just had a bit of a disaster - had just finished making the bases for these little mushroom charms ...when I knocked the baking tray off my desk and onto the floor. All the white bits got covered in fluff and I just ended up pulling it all off because trying to pick all the fluff out would drive me insane!

    I've not got enough white clay to do them again today, so I thought I'd get some advice.
    I had a rubber stamp made to stamp little faces onto my clay so I'm looking for a clay that is :
    Quite firm to handle
    A nice bright opaque white that doesn't discolour too much after curing
    One that can hold fine lines (the stamped bit) well - quite an important quality I need
    One I can get in bigger blocks.

    I've been using Premo Sculpey, which seems good but is a little harder to source than Fimo seems to be. Would Fimo classic be any good you think?
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    Fimo classic is much firmer, so that would be good. I think the kato one is firmer too, but Ive not tried it so not sure?

    Is there a white version of the fimo puppen? It is for doll sculpting so it holds details well.


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      Fimo Classic certainly would do well. Cernit also do an opaque white which takes detail beautifully.
      Both clays are quite firm to handle. Actually Cernit will go quite soft if you over-handle it, but for what you are doing, it should stay just right.

      Your mushroom charms are so cute! Sorry to hear about your disaster. I have been there too many times...
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        Thanks for the tips - I've ordered some Fimo Classic to try (would have got it from you emma, but I needed to order some Sculpey at the same time!)

        I have a big pack of the white Puppen here Claire, I did think about using it but the test bits I did seemed to come out a bit yellowy and the detail didnt hold too well... I could have had the oven on the wrong temperature though, always forget fimo is lower than sculpey.

        I ordered a pack of Studio sculpey while I was getting supplies too. Anyone tried that out? I really love the colours it comes in.

        What a pain in the bum, they were looking so cute! I'm just glad I'd already baked the top parts or I might have cried
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          I made a load of little teacups from a spare pack of Puppen clay while I'm waiting for some new clay supplies to be delivered.
          They're all ready to be painted and glazed - they're tiny but quite strong, they fit on the end of my little finger

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            OMG they are so cute! Did you make them all by hand?


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              Originally posted by claireybear View Post
              OMG they are so cute! Did you make them all by hand?
              Yup, little discs of clay formed around the end of a lip balm tube, with bits stuck on
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