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  • Mega Busy!!

    Just been peeking in now and then but not had much time for posting or replying to posts.

    I'm mega busy trying to get ready for my first wedding fayre on 14th Feb wihch is not that far away now .

    So far I have in various stages, 10 brides, 6 grooms, 1 cat, 1 dog and 1 child.

    I am getting really excited about the wedding fayres and today my advertisement in a wedding magazine came through which you can find here:

    on page 177 - whooo hoo I'm over the moon with it as this magazine will be given out to every bride in all the bridal shows/wedding fayres in the Midlands!!!!

    Plus, I'm the only one in there that does cake toppers........

    I will be doing a trial in a couple of weeks time so will take photo's and send you my layout!!

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    Excellent - the ad looks good. Hope it all works out well - great that you're the only one in there!
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      What a lovely post to read!

      Sounds like 2010 is going to be a busy, but fun, year for you and your toppers.

      I hope the fairs go brilliantly.
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        Great start of 2010 for you! Hope you do well at the fair!
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          good luck hope all goes well, keep us posted.
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            That's fantastic! Always nice to hear when things are going well and heading in the right direction. Good luck with it all x
            Lorna x

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              The ad looks really good. Best of luck, i'm sure you will do well as your "toppers" look brill.
              Lisa x
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                Yes the ad is great.

                It really stands out on the page and grabs your attention. Plus it is easy to understand instantly what it is you do - exactly what you want from an advert.

                I am sure it will bring you lots of work in. Just remember now to be choosy and charge appropriately!

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                  Gosh! You are busy!! Hope all the brides you are making eventually get all their grooms And how cool that you are the only cake topper-ist mentioned. That should give you loads of coverage!
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                    Fab news. The advert looks brill - and it's really good that you're the only wedding cake topperer there.

                    Hope it all goes fabulously - I'm sure it will.
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                      It's brilliant that you are the only topper in there!!! I am just contemplating advertising in some more mags and wanted to go down the wedding route.

                      Good luck I hope the fair goes well and you get lots more orders! My pal is getting married in Oct so will ask her if she wants one too :0)

                      Dee x
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                        I was organising the cake for my sisters wedding last year and I had one hell of a job getting a decent cake topper, wish I'd known about you then

                        Best of luck to you. The ad looks great by the way


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