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Can I use an aluminium former and bake clay on it?

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  • Can I use an aluminium former and bake clay on it?

    Hi, I'm new to this type of work and having been in the building trade, my first practice projects are kind of building related.

    I want to make a molded wall corner protector in a kitchen alcove. It will be shaped like a longish lizard, about 8 inches. It needs to be thin, straight(ish) and have a V shaped indentation along the underside of its length, so it can be glued to and wrap around the corner of the alcove wall.

    I have a piece of extruded aluminium rail with just the right angled edge to make the V shape, though with the Fimo object being quite slender, I don't think I could easily peel off the clay object and maintain its shape before baking.

    So I'd like to ask if there's some kind of parting agent I can apply to the aluminium former which would allow me to bake the clay while still on the metal in such a way that I can separate the two parts after baking?

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    Question: have you tried baking Fimo actually on to the ally former? It might not actually stick go it anyway? Have you tried coating the aluminium former with a powder like talc etc first before adding the Fimo etc so it doesn’t adhere to the point of being a permanent fix?.... It’s a case of trial and error until you find the answer unless someone has come up against the same problem.



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      Thanks Dave,
      Very good advice. Why didn't I think of those, now obvious options.
      I guess I'm so frugal that I'm reluctant to waste material but what you suggest is definitely the way to go.