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Ruined my work with spray varnish

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  • Ruined my work with spray varnish

    I’m so gutted. I’ve spent hours working on my “junk yard” dragon. Using sculpy and silicone mould’s I made.

    My dragon was done - painted, and I thought I’d finish it off with a nice shiny gloss coating to really make it look like metal.

    its now just a sticky tacky mess

    All that time wasted. I just had to tell someone! Hi! This is my first post

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    Love the steampunk dragon. So sorry this happened and I have nothing helpful or constructive to help you I'm afraid. Home someone comes along who can.

    Welcome to the Crafts Forum though.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Love good steam punk (like this). Personally I rarely use lacquer but if I do I make sure that it is compatible with whatever material and finish I am putting it on. Some is cellulose, some acrylic and some even water based and they can react badly so always worth having a practice sample to try it on first.

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        Just passing by. But I had a similar problem in the past, used multiple layers and the result was really sticky. So I ended up getting paint thinner and removing all of the paint and trying again. I then used much less paint with more thinner and used a 25W light bulb to help to dry the paint.
        Also, don't forget that you need to work on a coating in a low-humidity environment.

        The dragon is nice, btw!
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