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taking pics of drawings

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  • taking pics of drawings

    Everytime take a pic it either comes out bright, pixels or can hardley see the pencil lines any tips?

    Many thanks

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    Are you using a flash as opposed to natural light, are you taking a close up snap or a snap and then enlarging it later? Sometimes it's a trial and error thing Jen.



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      I'm not a camera buff either but have just taken some pics of my sketching and those have come out the same. I did download them into Windows Photo Gallery and then play about with the adjust exposure buttons and ended up with something you could just about see. I will try to post it here now.

      Mmm. Not very good. Thats Adam when he was 7, he is nearly 20 now. Thats the best I can offer I am afraid.
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        I try to find the brightest sunniest room in my house for it. That would be my kitchen. Maybe try practising in different lights and weathers. Rainy days are always bad light days for me. But it is dependent on your camera.
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          I agree with Indri, try avoiding using your flash and use natural light. Also what kind of camera are you using? The better the camera obviously the better you pictures will come up. I'd also say try to avoid zooming too much and make sure the camera is in focus properly


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            i use natural light and using camera phone as better than the camera i have already tbh i dont enlarge but will see how the computer exposure will make it thanks for the replys xxx
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              Have you thought about scanning them straight into the computer?



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                Ditto above! You could probably scan it in your local library if you don't have one yourself. You will need to take a memory stick to save it on.


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                  I scan mine.....


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                    I'd say scanning an image would produce the best results if you cannot take pictures so well.
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                      I think so, the scan will have the best quality.
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