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Can't open RAW files...

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  • Can't open RAW files...


    can anyone help please?

    i've got a Canon EOS 100D and have Photoshop Elements 9 & Windows 7 on my PC but I can't open RAW files. JPEG are fine though.

    i've tried the option in PSE for opening RAW's and have also downloaded an upgrade for them from Adobe but nothing has worked.

    Any ideas?! Should I upgrade to latest PSE?


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    You don't edit RAW files. Your camera should have come with RAW image handling software, which will then allow you to export them to JPG format for PSE editing.

    Do you really need to be shooting in RAW though? You need a lot of extra space for storing digital 'negatives' this way, and they're rarely necessary for most applications. The highest resolution JPEG that your camera can shoot is normally more than enough.


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      It was something we were recommended to try during a photography course I'm doing. I usually use JPEG.

      for some reason Canon Utility software won't open on my PC, so I was trying to get round it another way....I'm going to get it checked out properly though.

      thanks for the reply.


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        You could try downloading the "Adobe DNG converter" programme which is free from adobe.
        It converts camera RAW data from the various manufacturers cameras into the Adobe "digital negative" which all copies of photoshop can use.
        Canon have their own programme so that you can save your image obtained from their RAW data and save it as a tiff with which you can then open and do more things with in whatever image manipulation programme you wish to use. Generally it is less hassle to do it all in photoshop.
        All camera manufacturers end up having different types of raw data from camera to camera. Adobe would like them to have a set standard so that it would be more compatible for the future and past incarnations of photoshop.
        It is generally considered best to use RAW since there is more data for you to play with in the computer.


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          That's great, thank you for that. I'll give it a try and let you know what happens!


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            Sorted it. Feeling smug now!
            i had some old software from a Kodak printer on my PC and that seemed to block the Canon stuff. It all worked once I'd deleted it and re-installed Canon.

            i can now access my RAW files! Thank you for your suggestions.


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              Maybe try Adobe Lightroom! Excellent software


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                I am sure they worked it all out, about 4 years ago
                Do not watch this space