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Selling prints, need advice on how to make black show as black

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  • Selling prints, need advice on how to make black show as black


    Trying to get my photos to professional quality, my problem is they print out ok but the black just isn't black enough. I'm using a HP K7100 printer and PhotoShop CS4

    Any ideas?

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    I have a canon and up the black setting to 10, leaving the other colour settings at the default. I find that makes solid colours 'solid'. I've tried the whole calibration thing, but I use a laptop which is harder to calibrate than a monitor. Maybe when I make my millions I can afford a separate monitor!


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      You need to have a true black point, in Levels make sure there are no missing pixels to the left of the histogram, if there are move the slider to the right a little. As regards printing, your prints may be suffering from metamerism, this is where blacks look slightly green or bronze in a certain light. There's not much you can do about this save for getting a printer that uses multiple black/grey cartridges, or changing it completely to monochrome, but then obviously you'd lose the option of colour printing. Apologies if you already know any of this.


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        If you order at they'll send you a calibration card so you can set your monitor to match the print.... also, use CMYK instead of RGB... true black in CMYK should be C:40 M:40 Y:40 K:100

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          in indesign there is a printing option of making black black sounds stupid but mayb there is something similar in photoshop? havnt come across it myself so you would have to do some searching


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            Just Spotted this thread from a while ago - if anyone is still interested, you have to set the document type as CMYK in photoshop before you do any of this...
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