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light box vs. tent

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  • light box vs. tent

    Some guy was watching us taking pics at our booth last month and we started talking with him - he said there's no need to make a light box (for a new project we have going) but just use the's white...he said just set it up in the sun and it will diffuse and disperse the light quite well.

    What's your opinion, everyone?? we are photographing guitars to make posters!

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    ALSO, what's everyone's opinion about my using the pic I took of the two pairs of legs in cowgirl boots, walking away - can I use it in one of the posters? It in no way shows who these girls were...I only took the pic of their legs and boots. And it only shows some of the landmarks. You can see it in the first post here:

    ALSO, since I took the pic with my cell phone, do you think it will "blow up" well?
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      Taking pics in the tent sounds like a good idea to me - however as it takes me so long to put the darn thing up I think I'll just stick with a white cloth on the table in my conservatory. We have frosted windows in the roof so I can get away with that I think!


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        Lightcube are great. I have one plus two studio day lamps so I can take pics any time. This has saved me many days of waiting for the right light and trying to get everything done in one hour!
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          Well, since a someone bumped up my thread for their own purposes, I shall post an update - my husband is not such a great photographer, and printing posters is going to be unbelievably expensive!!!

          I am still working on it, though. When he's not around, I am taking pics of guitars in different surrounds...we'll see what I can come up with. I really do alright with my trusty cell phone, but probably they won't be sufficient for blowing up and printing. If nothing else, I at least want one printed on canvas and then hang it in the living room....see if he notices.

          Someone told us we should have them printed on canvases and not frame cannot imagine how much canvasses would cost!!!!


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            I have used a light tent with two colour balanced 175 watt bulbs to photograph the key rings I make. The results have been mixed, but I have not tried it in bright sunlight. Knowing your are in Texas, you should have plenty of sunlight and should get good results. The only thing to watch for is a white reflection off a dark shiny surface. Usually solved by moving the camera slightly.

            How large you print a photograph depends on the resolution of the camera. A 2 mega pixel will print fine at A4 (US letter size). If you want a poster 30x20 then I would suggest you would need a 7 to 8 mega pixel camera.

            Printing on to canvas is not expensive as in the UK you can get 20x16 stretched (badly) photo for about £20 ($30). If you have any photo shops near you or a large supermarket, check out what they charge. You should also be able to find online a printer who can do it cheaper.



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              i didnt know there was a difference i thought light box and light tent were the same thing. either way i bought one for like £20 or something so i would just buy one n save you the hassle of making it. i used mine inside though with some lights i borrowed from uni