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Shooting jewellery on mirrorglass?

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  • Shooting jewellery on mirrorglass?

    Hi you all photographers!

    I have heard that taking pics of jewellery can be quite tricky, cause of the lighting- and background troubles.
    How about placing the jewellery on mirrorglass...? Can it be done? Or is there too much reflections...?
    Pia from Sweden
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    it can be done, but there are problems to overcome with reflections, flash, light etc.
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      It took me a second or two to realise this thread was about photography, lol. I was very intrigued.

      Anyway, I've seen some great shots of jewellery on mirrors, and on black mirror type surfaces. Only thing is, IMHO, although they look great, it can be confusing if the photo is for selling the jewellery. I once saw a photo of a bracelet, and thought the item for sale was a double strand bracelet, but it was just the reflection.
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        Hi Pia I use frosted mirror so there is less reflection, I am also changing to a black background to reduce reflection too. although natural light is best you will sometimes get shadows.(look on the stone) after 3 years I am still experimenting.
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          Thank you all (Beadsbydesign, Jencel and Lilac Moon Designs)!

          Shadows and reflections can be tricky! I'm still using an old, analog(?) pocketcamera (Minolta) and yesterday I found my Olympus Trip 35 (I hope it's still working!). I really must buy a digital camera. I'm fed up with these film rolls...!

          Pia from Sweden
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