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I have a shiney new camera :D

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  • I have a shiney new camera :D

    I am very pleased! My new camera has finally arrived and I love it. I can't take a picture of it yet, as I only have one memory card, but it is is Panasonic lumix G2.
    I work in a camera shop so it is lovely to finally have my own rather than just looking at them all at work. I'm looking forward to getting some really good shots of my jewellery and sewing bits and bobs.
    Here are some photos I took the other day (not craft related I'm afraid)
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    I like the tree in the first picture!! Hope you have many happy hours of snapping away!!
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      That tree pic is lovely! Is the camera easy to use for a beginner? x
      Newbie crafter, please be gentle!
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        I love the one with the birds just taking off. I look forward to seeing some more of your pictorial efforts.
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          To a wood turner that tree is wood porn. Look at all those gorgeous burs and twisted parts. They'd have some lovely figuring in them. LOL

          Seriously it is beautiful and the other pictures look good. if you want practice feel free and snap away at my work I could with some decent photos and I am lost since it all went digital. I can mess about with them on a computer but not get them looking good to start with.

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            Yeah the cam is really good!
            I bought myself a Nikon but I would like to have the lumix as well :P


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              Love the pics, especially the tree, trees are one of my favourite things to paint.

              I love that feeling of excitement when I get something I've coveted.

              My latest buy was a tripod and I love it, if you are anything like me you will be 'click' 'click' 'clicking away at everything. Enjoy....
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                Thanks everyone : )
                bella Nighshade, I would say the camera is ok for a beginner, they have a great intelliegent auto mode which seems pretty spot on. Also have easy access to the movie and playback of photos. Touchscreen focusing is pretty cool aswell. The manual is a misson to read though, I spent the whole of Sunday curled up in a armchair trying to understand it.
                Laracraft, i really wanted a proper SLR but just couldn't afford the one I wanted Canon 550D but this one is really good, and smaller so less heavy to carry around.
                Thank you for the comments on the photos everyone, I will go back and take more when the seasons have changed.


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                  I love your photo's
                  I had a Nikon D60 but sold it as it was wasted on me LOL
                  Mandy x