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  • Uploading photos

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, I'm a newbie and trying to upload my photos.

    Most of them are too large (presumably because I used Macro setting) I'm not very technically minded. How do I reduce them in size so I can upload them?

    Thanks Sarah

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    You are right about the size, the forum wont accept - I can't remember exactly but I think it could be less than 700 whatever they ares. You can surely tell I don't know a lot about it. I normally crop my pics first to reduce them and then they will upload. As an alternative I upload to Flickr and copy and paste onto a post.
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      Do you have VSO image resizer. If yes resize to about 200 x 200 if not I recommend you download it (free) and have a play. Or you can load them somewhere else eg flickr, FB and link to it.


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        I had the same problem with my first uploading. Then I clicked on an option which says "e-mail size". I attached it to cloissonee thread in ceramic issues in the forum but ... no one saw it. May I feel a bit sad?


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          Hi Sarah

          I have found that the best way to upload decent quality pics is to use an alternative hosting site like photobucket. You simply upload your images to your private space on the server and then you copy a simple code into your post on the forum. You will find that most forum members use this kind of method. I think that the storage facilities on the craft forums servers will have limited space available to host large images and you will be limited in your presentation if you upload directly from your computer to your forum post via the tool bar.

          Have a look at photobucket and see if it suits you. There are quite a few other sites which provide the same facility i.e. flicker (? spelling). The sites are very efficient and you can choose to hold all your pics in complete privacy. Photobucket has tools to modify the size of your pics and some limited facilities to tart them up a bit if needs be so it may prove to be a useful tool for you for general use.

          If you want to get into editing your pics on a grander scale then Photoshop is the industry standard tool but there are other pieces of software that will do almost the same job for much less money. I am sure the photographers in this forum would be pleased to help you here.

          I would be pleased to nurse you through the procedure of linking your images to your posts if it would help. Just let me know and I will PM you with instructions. One thing you may be having a problem with is the amount of posts you have made to date. I know that there is a restriction placed on what you can include in your posts until you have made a strategic number of contributions to the forum. You may want to check out the forum rules or ask a moderator. Nonetheless I would be pleased to help.

          Kind regards..................... Clive
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            Hi,I also use Photobucket,it is very good.



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              you can upload photograph in picasa web alubum
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                Would have thought most computer have Windows Picture Manager you can edit all you need to on that. Mo.XX
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