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    Im trying to work ut the best way to store individually packaged photo prints.

    So far Im putting them in a cellobag with a bit of tissue paper between the bag and the image, I have a fear of the image melting onto the cellobag.

    If I can get away without putting in the tissue paper it would make life alot easier.

    Can I just store the photo prints in cello bags, with no tissue paper in a cool dry place, or is there a totally different and better option?The sizes are A4 down to 6x4".

    Can you tell I know nothing about photographs?


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    how long are you storing them for, and what are they to be used for? If it's somewhere cool and dry and not too long, then a greetings card cello bag should be ok, but if it's for longer, or in a house which could get hot then you would be better off using the papery archival sleeves. Basically polythene is ok but anything with pvc is not, as the image can stick to it.


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      Papery archival sleeves sound interesting.
      Any idea where I can get them/have a look for them?

      Hmm, well, they are photos to be used for home decoration.Ive no idea how long they will be stored for as I dont kno wif anybody would like them enough to buy.
      they are the photos I sell on my silent theatre link below.

      Currently I store them as they are sent to me from the printers which seems ot be fine but I need them ready to sell, professional looking then ok to store them if they dont sell.

      Thanks, il look for the paper sleeves.

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        Do you mean those cellophane/whaite paper backed sleeves?

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          Re how to store/present print to a customer who may have to walk around with a print in a bag for a while.

          Im glad to say Ive found polypropylene sleeves which are used for long term storage.

          But now, do I add backing board inside the sleeve then put that in a sales bag or put the print with poly sleeve inside a cardboard backed board envelope into a a sales bag??!!!

          Do I buy white envelope which looks nice or brown one which is cheaper??

          I know what Id like but I guess its all down to money.
          Luckily Im getting some free samples form a couple of places but Id like to buy everything from 1 place t osave on P+P(which is a alot as envelopes can be heavy).


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            Final plan.
            Got some samples from 1 place Im waiting for samples from, v good samples but worked out they are very expensive.So I should get polysleeves from the other place(8p each in comparison to 11+p) then buy A4 brown do not bend envelopes from the pound shop which work out at 25p each.


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              Sounds like you have almost got it sorted. If you stick to your guns you usually end up with what you wanted in the first place.
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