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Using photo box pro to sell images

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  • Using photo box pro to sell images

    I've just been googling how to sell photographs, and whilst I don't want to concentrate on photography as my main craft, I wouldn't mind making some of my images available for purchase. Anyway, one of the results was photobox pro and I wondered if anyone had used it and what thoughts they had on it? My issue is that I guess you don't get to control the final image and if their printers aren't calibrated to your system you can end up with prints which are inconsistent with your image... then if you don't get to see them before they are bought it could all go wrong... couldn't it?
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    Yes it could go wrong - like mine did. I tooka lovely picture of my grandson (unusual for me) and edited it with photoshop etc, sent it off to be printed on a canvas and the results were rubbish! Nothing wrong with my picture on my own screen, but the canvas told a different story, I was mortified.
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