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  • Whats the best camera?

    Even though my main craft is bag making and drawing/painting/photoshop art, I also love taking photographs. At the moment I have a digital camera that my parents bought me, a simple thing for taking photos with friend nothing professional. So when I take photos of small things it doesn't really do much but blur.
    I would really like a more professional camera,thats not a ridiculous price, but I have no idea what I am looking for or talking about when it comes to picking one!
    Any advice/suggestions?


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    I'm very biased but I have to recommend the Nikon D40... I'm chuffed to bits with this camera having bought one around a year ago. I got it for around £225 and it was a real bargain which gives great results.

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      I have one of these.

      It's brilliant, it has a macro and takes really clear pictures. As it is a 10mp you can zoom in really well on your photo's.



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        Nikon and Canon both tend to do really good cameras. If you are going for an SLR perhaps you can get something on ebay. I use a Canon 30D and I have really taken to it (and I was a devout film user who really didn't want to swap over to digital), but that's a few years old now so you might be able to pick a bargain up second hand... it's 8MP (I think) which really I don't find I need anything more than that and it's got plenty of settings!
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          I agree the Nikon D40 is pretty good, although I much prefer the D90!

          However, if SLR's are a little daunting for you I can highly recommend the Lumix FZ-DMC-28 which is reasonably priced at around £250.

          It;s not a compact and its not an SLR but somewhere in between. Has pretty much the same menu set ups as SLR's - can adjust exposure, go manual etc etc. And you can even buy lenses/ filters for it. But it is also a point and click camera that will do all the hard work for you on Auto setting.

          It's a good in between camera for someone who doesnt have the technical knowledge of photography but wants to take great photos.
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            You have been very helpful, thank you!

            I've had a look at some of your suggestions and the Nikon D40 looks nice. Now all I have to do is save up some money lol.

            I have a Fujifilm 8.3 mega pixel camera at the moment, and I have no idea whether that is good or not, but it certainly isn't good at photographing smaller objects.


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              I have a nikon D40x and am very very happy with it, and the great thing about an SLR is that, although it's a bit more money spent at the beginning it's extremely worthwhile in the long run. It's sure to last you a lot longer than a smaller cheaper digital and the fact that you can buy almost any type of lens to fit means there are endless possibilities. You are not just stuck with your camera being able to do one or two things.

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                If it is just small things you photograph, do you have a macro setting on your camera (the little flower symbol)

                What i do if i cant be bothered to get the SLR out, is get my trusty battered fuji compact digital camera, set it on macro, full optical zoom (not digital zoom) and move away from the object. This means less flash shadows, and any final tweaking of cropping can be done afterwards.

                Other than that i have to say i am a canon gal! i have the EOS 20D and love it! (although would love a decent macro lens and ringflash!! cant persuade the other half i need them though!)

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                  I use a Canon 400d. I mainly do portraits, but found this camera really easy to use even from a complete beginer.



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                    I love my Nikon D80 DSLR but it's not a cheap option unfortunately.
                    I used to love having a small pocket camera but when I spent more time getting angry with my camera OH thought it time to upgrade - which obviously shut me up!
                    I would LOVE a macro lens (the list could go on) but at the moment have some lens discs that do a reasonable job. I only take pics for fun. For my jewellery pics I use the macro setting on my camera and it does a good job.

                    Whatever you choose to do I would buy after Christmas so you get deals!
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                      Nikon D40

                      I'm far from a professional but I need to take a lot of photo's for my website and I believe Woodtattoos got it spot on whith the Nikon D40. I bought mine a year ago and albeit Nikon say that this is an entry level camera it does just about everything I could want from a camera and more.

                      If you read what Ken Rockwell has to say about it then you will see what I mean.

                      He convinced me and I am soooooooo happy with it

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                        Price check

                        Just checkad out a few prices and I have found the D40 selling for £158.42 on this site:-


                        Never seen the D40 so cheap, I paid £225 at Jessops a year ago. Definately worth checking out this company.

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                        I could be unhappy with my life but someone keeps sending me spring