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Is this camera ok?

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  • Is this camera ok?

    Hi if there is anyone who could have a look at this and tell me if its a good enough camera, I would like a compact one for taking on trips, but need a really good macro for taking close up jewellery pics, its

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    I don't know that much about cameras and drove myself mad when I was looking, in the end I went for a Panasonic Lumix FZ18, Which is bigger than the one you are looking at but it is amazing!!!! So good for close ups of jewellery and we have got great photos of the kids too! It does it all for you too, just point and shoot.


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      I've got the Panasonic TZ7 very similar best camera I've ever had really easy to use and that's a good price.
      I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.


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        sounds promising then, cant belive i dropped my other camera, so annoying


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          Seems a pretty good camera for taking on hols and you could use for taking jewellery pics - just a matter of learning what you can do with the camera and what you can't.
          All cameras have their limitations and it is difficult to say for definate with a particular one unless you have actually used it for similar purposes.

          I have used all kinds of cameras to do jewellery photography, it just comes down to what you expect out of a camera and what it can produce. Lighting is the most important (apart from the pics being in focus!). Plus a bit of creative imagination.

          Hope this helps.



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            Best bit is to go to Jessops or similar, and take a bit of jewellery with you try the cameras in your price range and see what you prefer, and get some advice. Jessops offer an inexpensive repair protection plan which means for abuout £30 (depening on price of the camera) you get 3 years cover so if you drop your camera, get water in in etc you will get infinate repairs or get it replaced.

            Lots of people shun insurance of this kind, but can you really afford not to take it if you have a history of dropping a camera you know how fragile they are and drops etc arent covered on the warranty supplied with the cameras as standard and often repairs for cameras are £100+


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              I ended up going for the Lumix tz6 - blokie in the camera shop took some pictures of his watch on the counter using the macro zoom and they were brilliant


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                I've got the SF15, i think it's greate, I took the most recent photos on my misi site with it.
                BCandy (aka BJewellery)