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Double sided printing on cardboard and cut

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  • Double sided printing on cardboard and cut

    Hi everybody! I've just discovered your forum so this is my very first message. My name is Andrea and I'm from Torino, Italy.
    I would like to make little carboard animals (say, 3x3" in size) to be suspended with thin lines. The cardboard must be thick enough (1-1.5 mm) and has to be printed on each sides with the left/right side of the animal (with great precision!). After that the cardboard must be cutted with an electronic paper cutter (with precision again!).
    And, last, print must be durable, meaning that it will not fade away under the sun.
    I own a silhowette cutter, but its cut is limited to 1/3 mm.
    Which way to go???
    HELP PLEASE!! any idea is welcome!!

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    Hello Andrea and welcome to the forum.

    I don't have any immediate answer to your query, but as a non-paper crafter my only thought is to print and cut the outer/decorative parts of the animal on suitable paper then cut the central card part and stick the printed paper to the card. This will, of course, take time and a lot of care, but I don't have any other solution to offer. Other members or visitors to the forum may have more efficient options to suggest.