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cardstock wrinkles or tears from embossing folder

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  • cardstock wrinkles or tears from embossing folder

    Very new to using a Big Shot. Following the stacking instructions exactly. I've tried imprinting/embossing the entire front of a card with a pattern from a Sizzix embossing folder. Sometimes the card stock wrinkles on the edge that is last through the machine. Is this due to the thickness of the cardstock? I've seen where some of you list a number when talking about your cardstock but I don't see any number on the package of the cardstock I have. Maybe no number is a US thing. I've also had cardstock tear when using a large snow flake Sizzix embossing folder. Is there a lot of experimenting with stacking to get it right?
    Once again I'd like to thank Craftychez for all your help. I don't want to keep bothering you so thought I'd finally start posting my questions. My "two tags" from SU just arrived and wish I had time to play but have to start getting ready for class tonight. Billieanne

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    If the card stock is too thin it will tear when embossing. Sometimes I use one tab and sometimes I use two tabs on the platform when embossing. It depends on the thickness of your folder, card and the tollerance/setting of your machine rollers. I can use the same card and embossing folder with tab 1 on mum in laws machine but just the base platform on my machine. If I use the thicker platform on my machine the card is likely to tear.

    Some cards wrinkle easier than others so its trial and error. It works better if the card is no bigger than the embossing folder otherwise you are more likley to get a crease or wrinkle where you don't want one.