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  • Been given a Grand Calibur

    As said above, I've just been given a Spellbinder Grand Calibur. It was broken but I managed to take it apart and reconnnect the three screws that had become undone (the ones that hold the turning mechanism in place) so it now appears to be working OK. Anyway, I have no dies at all (apart from a couple of Spellbinder ones I've borrowed for now), where is the best place to get them at a decent price and has anybody got any advice on dos and don'ts for this device - never really looked into them before as have always been a bit scared that it'll open up a whole new world of potential expenditure

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    Oh dear, you are going to be spending a fortune on dies now. I have a bigshot which I thought I wouldn't use......I love it! The best advice I can give is to look around for prices on a specific die once you know what you have in mind. Have a look on you tube to see what people are demonstrating on Grand Calibur, I'm not sure what thickness of dies you can use.


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      Wow well done on being given one. That happened to mine yesterday and i performed open heart surgery on it and fixed it. Country view crafts do some cheaper than other places as well as auction site e**y. You can also use sizzix thin dies and quickutz thin dies. May i suggest you check out create and craft as they are demoing spellbinders and the grand calibur at present so you might pick some tips up there. Only does and don't i can think of is if the handle wont turn easily don't force it. You need a different plate for embossing folders that doesn't come with it its a thin white one that creative expressions make and you will need a raspberry plate to use the new m-bossiblilites folders. Hth and enjoy xx


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        Thanks to you both - have been looking on various sites and will follow your pointers too as that sounds very useful. Can see this is going to be time consuming as well as expensive (but great fun)


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          Hiya, Create and Craft sell loads of them.and alwasy make sure your plates are in the correct 'sandwich'.Thats what Ive learned and I dont even do die cutting!

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