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Which Card Making Techniques Dont You Like

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  • Which Card Making Techniques Dont You Like

    I tried quite a few when I first started card making. I quickly realised what I was no good at - LOL

    I dont like quilling and I dont like Rubber Stamping
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    I can't do rubber stamping. It never looks right to me.


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      Far easier for me to say which I do like: Quilling and painting for me!!
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        I love quilling and I don't just save it for cards it is so much more versatile than that, in fact I prefer to do quilled boxes, eggs, decorations and pictures rather than cards, and I discovered that I am rubbish at flower arranging by my quilling because although I like the variety of techniques you can do making flowers when I then arrange them on paper/card/cork or whatever they always take on a very unexciting arrangement that a 5 year old could have done better with.

        I quite like iris folding now I've had a go (as long as it is pimped up with quilling, it's a bit plain totally on it's own). I am not so keen on decopage, matter of taste, I don't really like how it looks, and I personally think rubber stamping should only be used as part of a design incorporating other stuff like quilling or other embellishments (or at least when I use rubber stamps that is how I use them).
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          Iris folding would probably be the one thing I really don't like at all...I don't do quilling because I am rubbish at it but I do like quilled work, its just not for me and I don't have the patience to develop skills in quilling.
          I can't say there is any other technique I dislike particularly...

          on the other hand I do have a list of favourites a mile long and I use all of them all the time so don't feel bad about leaving the quilling to those who are good at it.

          I LOVE stamping...and can't understand how anyone wouldn't it is so versatile...I do a lot of distress work, anything inky and I'm there... heat and dry embossing, paper piercing, paper piecing, 3 D, fancy folds and kinetic cards, loving mixed media at the moment too...

          I find its good to go back and revisit oldie but goodies shaving foam techniques and messy marbles etc.

          Its all good fun as far as I am concerned


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            Never tried quilling or stamping, don't like powder embossing or iris folding. Generally 3d or nothing for me.
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              Nothing I don't like........ but lots I can't do! Tried quilling, love it when done nicely..... but I just couldn't do it. Love the look of triple thick embossing.....all my attempts have been pants! Will have a go at anything I see and like the look of, and sometimes, go back to those I have failed at...... You never know! You may just surprise yourself!


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                I'm not fond of quilling or iris folding.

                I wasn't much good at rubber stamping until someone on here introduced me to Stampin' Up Summer 2010 and now I'm addicted! You can design so much from a bit of paper, a few stamps and ink. I need to improve my landscape pictures and I need to learn brayering.


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                  I don't think I could say there are any tecniques I do not like.Saying that I have probably not tried all of them.
                  I suppose with all of them it really depends how much you practice and with me it is who shows me the tecniques.
                  For me personally it does really depends on the teacher/demonstrator if I like the tecnique as some are more inspiring than others.

                  I love my stampin up stuff I have done some really effective tecniques with these.
                  Craftychez stampin up bits can be very addictive lol.
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