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  • Vintage luggage labels

    Hi there
    hope you can help

    My little boy (aged 5) and I have made some container soy candles, sliced up a silver birch log, drilled a 60mm hole in it - for the candle to sit in........last but not least he would like some quality vintage labels that say 'comries candles' (yep comrie is his unusual name). Been looking at east of India type ones.

    So if anyone on here offers this service then please let me know. We only need 10 for Xmas presents.

    Many many thanks in advance.


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    Hi Rob,

    I have a pile of these type labels I've had for years. Someone was throwing them out so I got them free of charge. The are nice and strong, not flimsy things. They have a nice brown paper diamond shape strengthener around the punched hole and strong white string.The label is cream. I can stamp happy Christmas on them for you but your Son would have to write 'Comries Candles' on them. I think a childs own handwriting would be nicer than printed anyway. The labels are big enough for a young childs writing. PM me your address if you want 10 putting in the post. I don't want anything for them.


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      Wow. These forums are just full of wonderful people. Can't remember the last time we ever got anything for free. I've sent a pm. Blank will be fine as I think your suggestion of him handwriting them is perfect. Many many thanks.


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        No problem, glad I could help. I don't mind helping people when I can. I will get them weighed at the post office tomorrow when I take my other post up. I would hate to put insufficient postage on them. I will post them first class so they should be in time.


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          (This is when I learn my message has to be at least 10 characters long)

          Thoughts are a bit like weeds - they keep growing all over the place and you cant get rid of them easily.


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            Posted them first class this morning.


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              Originally posted by Craftychez View Post
              Posted them first class this morning.
              Brilliant many many thanks. X


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                Hi Cheryl.

                Many many thanks they arrived this morning and they are going to be perfect. My little boy was over the moon opening it this morning. Went to school very happy.

                His school are asking for voluntary contributions for attending the school nativity, one of the charities named on your card is a nominated I will put in a few extra £s for your help.

                Have a lovely christmas x


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                  Aw, thanks for letting me know. I'm glad such a small gesture made him happy. I always support those groups of smaller charities (as well as others).

                  Hope you have a great Christmas too. x