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Some advice for a Decoupage newbie?

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  • Some advice for a Decoupage newbie?

    Hey, I'm a newbie member, first post in fact .

    I'm looking for some advice on a decoupage chair project I'm working on.
    I thought I had finished the chair so started adding layer upon layer of varnish onto the 'finished' chair.
    It looks great. Recently though, I have noticed some areas that I'd like to add more layers of decoupage to.
    How would I go about this?
    The regular white glue I was using on top of the varnish? Or would I need to strip the varnish off the areas I want to re-decoupage?
    I used a polyurethane varnish.
    Any help on this would be much appreciated

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    i don't do that type of decoupage,
    but if i was you i would probably give the area a light sanding before adding anything else. unless your decoupaging over area which has it already. the only thing is you will need to get even coat of varnish back over it, which i suspect could be quiet difficult as you may end up with a lip where the old and new varnish meet,
    i would say if item is for customer then its got to be right and i would start again (hard work will always pay off) but if its for yourself and you could live with slight blemish then do above.

    try an area first that will not be noticeable see what you think hope this helps


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      As was said, use very fine grade wirewool or sandpaper and sand the surface back, try to go a couple of varnish layers back, use a tac rag to clean the area and ensure there is no residue then layer a coat of varnish on and add the decoupage, carefully varnish over the top of the decoupage brushing from inside to outside to stop it moving around.