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paper cutting ?? would love to learn this craft but where to start ??

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  • paper cutting ?? would love to learn this craft but where to start ??

    my aunt sent me a beautiful card from america when my son was born .. it was his name intricately cut out of paper, i framed it on blue fabric and has pride of place above his cot - im pretty sure it was hand cut as apposed to machine cut and would love to find out more about this craft, and the possibilities or learning it of going on a course - would love to make pictures for christmas pressies, weddings etc .. does anyone know what its called, or could tell me little bit more about it - thank you in advance xx
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    Is it Kirigami you have the card made of? It's the japanese art of paper cutting. Examples below.

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      It is simply the art of paper cutting and depending on where you are located there should be a craft class you can attend to learn the basic techniques. I know that The Make Lounge are running craft sessions shortly if that is any help.


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        thats it !!! thank you so much
        do you do this craft then, is it hard to master and are the tools, products fairly reasonable
        might see if i can buy a book to start off with Xx
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          You can do this quite simply and easily (after practice) - design your image on the computer and 'mirror' it before you print it. This can be done in word, powerpoint etc. Print it on the back of the cardstock you want to use. Using a scalpel or disposable stanley knife and a glass mat (ie photo frame glass!) draw round the lines of your shape carefully and slowly.

          Try to move the paper rather than the knife. Make sure your blade is incredibly sharp - hence the reason for the cheap snap off bladed stanley knife!. Cut the centres of shapes like you find in an 'o' or 'R' first.

          The more you practice the smoother you get and the more intricate a pattern you can cut.

          You could always design it by hand using a pencil but remember to mirror any shapes or they'll be backwards when you cut them out!
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            I've been doing some paper cutting crafts like scherenschnitte with just a craft knife. I was wondering if there were machines like those made by Pazzles or CriCut that don't rely on a computer. I'm just looking for something to do the cutting automatically while guiding the paper with my hands. I've heard of laser cutters, but those sound


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              Hi, I'm new to the forum and would like to say hello to everyone.
              I read an amazing book a few months ago which was about the little known fact that Hans Christian Andersen was a great paper cutter. Apparently he had big hands and used great big scissors and did it whilst he was telling his stories to youngsters. They're amazing and many are in a museum in Copenhagen.
              Can't post the link as I'm new but the book is called, "The Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen" by Beth Wagner Brust.
              All the best.
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                I used to follow a blog to learn paper crafting. you may also find it helpful:

                MOD EDIT: please read the rules, particularly about posting urls before 25 posts.

                It is a blog for paper crafting beginners and shows paper models, origami, paper automata, pop-up cards, and instructional videos
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                  Soulsvocation - what a lovely book! Thanks for recommending it!