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papier mache over blu tack?

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  • papier mache over blu tack?

    Hi. I'm making a little papier mache person which I want to be freestanding but the only way I can get the armature to stay standing is by weighting the top of the feet with blu tack. Is it OK to papier mache over blu tack please?

    I've also come across something called milliput- would this be an alternative if I can't use blu tack?

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    Well, would the blu tack dry out over time and lose weight?? Prolly not but that's the only thing I could think of. Had to google milliput - that's interesting, you'd add some, let it harden...add the papier mache over the dried out milliput...that might be good - is it heavier than blu tack?


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      It just occurred to me - would the blu tack, since it has moisture, ever get moldy underneath the papier mache and cause a problem with it spreading to the outside of the figure??


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        I've never used blu tac with papier mache as Cosmic grammie says I would expect it to retain it's moisture and go mouldy.
        I use milliput putty all the time though and it's great as it will even harden under water. I often use gravel or stones to add weight to my papier mache items. Depending on the size of the feet of your model you might be able to mix in some gravel to the milliput to add extra weight. Make sure all the gravel is covered by the putty before you cover with papier mache.
        You can also get little weights that are used in the hems of curtains, though I think these are made of lead so it depends on your final use of your product.
        Make sure you mix the milliput well before adding anything for weight, if you get the white one both parts are similar in color so it's hard to tell if they are mixed properly. I usually mix a small piece for well over 5 minutes. I only use little bits at a time and can knead it whilst doing something else like checking the forum.
        Once dried the putty is heavier than the blue tac so it might be enough without extra weight.
        If you still can't get your model to stand you could try making a stand for it. My girls used to have lots of those Victorian dolls and they always come with a stand that's unobtrusive. You may be able to buy or make something similar.

        Hope that helps.

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          Blu tac contains oil and may there fore evetuallu split and the oil seep out through your papier mache
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            Thanks so much Cosmic grammie, Mia craftyfox and Beadsbydesign, this is all so helpful.

            I've bought some milliput, so I'll have a go with that. Great to know I should avoid blu tack. Good to hear about the gravel trick too - I'll have that up my sleeve as well!