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Can anyone recommend a die cutter to make a small box......

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  • Can anyone recommend a die cutter to make a small box......


    I am looking at selling lip balms later this year and wanted to make some boxes to put them in. I have a cuttlebug die cutting machine which takes many dies. I have been looking for some dies but there are so many out there it is a big search.


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    I can't believe there have been no replies....wish I had some experience, but i'm afraid I don't. However, I am very excited to learn you can cut boxes with some of these die cutter machines - that's awesome! My daughhet tells me that I want to get a Sizzix Big Shot - I wonder if they cut boxes out.


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      why not try a plotter/cutter? i have a craftrobo cutter that goes up to a4 size and cuts and marks for creases if u set it right. as youre only using for lip balms im sure the a4 size would suffice ... i use for cutting stencils and making tshirts etc etc etc..great little machine.


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        Using long plates that you can now buy for your cuttlebug you can cut sizzix XL dies - have a look on the sizzix website to find a box the right size for what you want. But, the dies are about £25, the long plates about £37 and then A4 about 8p per sheet depending on how thick the card etc. It means that you've got to make an enormous number of boxes to make it cheaper than buying the boxes ready made (and which would be much less work!)
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          Do you have to use a die cutting machine?
          I used to make loads of little boxes just by using a box maker board. Or you can do them by embossing the fold lines for the sides as deep as you wish around the size of box lid/bottonm you want and then cutting the end flaps slanted to glue down. Remember the top has to be 2mm bigger than the bottom.
          It's a thought anyway.
          Hugs PeonyRose
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            You really do want a Sizzix Big Shot they are amazing and you can make soooo much using them with their cutting dies!!

            Why not have a look on to see what's available

            Laura xxx


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              Laura, I looked around their US made me dizzy. =)


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                Thanks for thought. Better get on with reading my cosmetic regulations

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                  Hi I don't know if it will help, but we produce simple tools for people all the time with our water jet cutting service and in your instance we might be able to waterjet cut cut some tool steel to the required shape for you to use as a die, have a look at: www to see samples of our service and contact me by email with details of your die requirments.
                  regards Adrian