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    I make beads out of paper and we use a tool which has a plastic handle and a metal end with a slot in the top. We slid the paper in and twist it round the metal to make it into a bead.
    The problem we have is we are due to teach 25ish guides the art and we urgently need to buy some of these tools - some have said its a quilling tool so any ideas please.

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    Sounds like you are definitely describing a quilling tool there. There are several solutions to your dilemma. Some people make their own using a needle of the appropriate size and chopping the top end off by the eye and then shoving it in a piece of doweling as described here . I personally prefer to buy one. I take it your tool looks something like this one:

    You could alternatively buy from lizs crafts
    HobbyCraft also sell them.
    And these has some plastic ones quite cheap as you'd need quite a few I imagine, though the plastic ones are also more likely to break. I have broken the slotted tips off a few of them by getting the tension of the paper too tight.
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