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    Hi All,
    My Craft Artist Professional started to crash and become unstable, so I phoned Serf to ask for their help and they just said they don't support Craft Artist anymore. Thay couldn't have been less helpful if they tried!

    It has taken me a while, but I just thought I would let you know that I have finally found a free program that lets you see Craft Artist Icons and change Craft Artist images to Png, Jpg - whatever you wish without going through the CraftArtist program.

    You need to download XnView to view the images, and then download XnConvert to convert the images.

    Here's how you do it:
    You need to take a copy of your Pack file (to preserve the origial)
    Use a file unzipper (I use 7 Zip as it's free), to unzip all the files.
    You will see a file called Images.
    Use XnView to look at the images and make a note of what you want if you only want one or two. There are loads of repeated images, like thumbnails etc and every letter is classed an an image so there will be a lot of files.
    Use XnConvert to pick and convert your images to the medium you want.
    You can skip the viewing part and bulk convert the whole image file but you'll end up with a load of repeats so you'll have to go in afterwards and delete the ones you don't want.
    It definitely works, but always make a copy of your Pack file and work with that just in case.
    Please pass on to other Craft Artist users. We all have thousands of images that, until now, could only be accessed the the Craft Artist program.

    Thank you
    Chris Westhead