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    Hi I haven't been around for a while. Since I was last here I have been making mini albums but am struggling to find places to sell them. Could anyone offer any advice please?
    Jo Walters

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    Where do you try and sell them now? Can you give more details about your mini albums?

    This information will help with suggestions as to where might be best for you to try selling them.



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      Hi Shelley

      I've had a look at your Facebook page. Your work is lovely. I currently try and sell through eBay. I also post on Facebook market place as well as having own website Please do take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks. Jo
      Jo Walters


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        Hello Jo,

        Sorry about the delay, its been busy.

        I personally only have my FB page and I am working on my web page as it is hopelessly out of date, but I also have a shop. Its nothing to do with crafting, its our main business but I have small space for my cards.

        Folksy seems to be doing very well for one of the regular posters, but I know nothing about it.

        I also think that the mini albums market has just got very crowded as there has been a large amount of dies, stamps and other materials being produced with the explicit use being to make albums or as they are being called Memory books. Sort of a cross between a photo album and journal. Its the "in" thing at the moment.

        Have you got a USP (Unique Selling Point) ie what sets your apart from others? Focus on this and just keep putting yourself and your work out there. Use as much social media as you feel comfortable with.

        I would get yourself a business FB page and not just rely on the market place. Get your work shared on the groups and answer queries quickly, nothing worse than not getting a reply for days. Personally I avoid ebay like the plague, for buying anything, so I wouldn't sell there. It depends how far you want to reach, the UK is a good start. I have had moderate success with Shpock.

        To be honest I found your web site a bit confusing, I clicked on the mini album and got taken off the page to Etsy, you didn't mention Etsy. I have to say I thought £75.00 for the album with the elephant was a bit too expensive for me. I know you have used Graphic45 and you have done a very beautiful job of making it but it still seems a bit dear. You did ask for my opinion Thats the one thing about making and selling, you very rarely get what its really worth, if pay yourself a living wage per hour and add in the cost of materials, rent, heat etc. you soon price yourself out of the market. There is a large dose of "love" in pricing things.

        Its never easy selling handmade items. All you can do is persevere and get yourself a good reputation and a following.

        Hope this has been of some help.



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          Hi Jo, FB, Instagram, Folksy, Kraftspace, Etsy...I’d have thought they were good enough to get you interest?
          People only go to Ebay for deals and bargains, not quality in my opinion, I’d never use it personally.
          Looked at your page, just me, but I wouldn’t use a website unless it had a lot of products on it, I went to the gallery first, lots of people do instead of wading through, only 10 items, you need a lot more choice on there to draw people in I think.
          Trouble with Etsy is yours pop up with one or two other highly priced ones then the “Similar to’s” pop up below that are all much cheaper which people if buying as gifts would probably go more for instead. As Shelley says, the hours that go into producing stuff plus all of the incidentals, materials, heat, rent, insurance etc tend to out price if an hourly rate is put against them. Great if you can get it, majority cannot.
          I will say that those who do well on social media post at least every other day on all platforms, continually new stuff....FB and IG tend to limit reach now so you have to work really hard at getting people to interact with your page to stay current. You can use ”Linktree” which many link to from their IG bio and this, if I understand correctly can take people to everywhere that you post from via this link.
          I know a few people on IG that post an item then a whole page, like 50-60 related hashtags to draw people in to get followers and reach etc.
          Have you tried outlets? Sometimes its best to get just one type of crafted product or skill to define yourself and build your brand on that, people associate you with it then tend to actually look for you to see what is new instead of you trying to net them.

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