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Why did I ever start this????

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  • Why did I ever start this????

    A couple of days ago a random thought popped into my head ... to paint the Mona Lisa.

    BTW for those who are reading this and aren't aware of what I do, I paint miniatures for dolls houses, so I paint small.

    Now for some reason I thought that I would paint the smallest ever Mona Lisa, having no idea if there is one smaller I decided on the size of 9 x 6 mm. The trouble now, is that I am on my second attempt (can't give up), I got the proprotions slighty out in the first, the face was a little too large at 3mm!! I really need to give up the idea of painting so small, so why can't I?

    Could it be that I like a challenge!

    I let you know how today goes.

    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

    Even the best of us make mistakes!

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    I would love to see it when you get one you're happy with. It sounds like your on a very difficult mission with that one. I would never be able to paint that small, one minute I'm reading a thread about a huge painting you want to do with a bucket of red paint and the next about a miniature Mona Lisa, sounds like you go for ying and yang when you're painting.


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      OOH! would love to see a piccy of that!!!! Sue xx


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        I am in awe of people who can paint - and to be able to paint that small - wow!! I've seen the work of a lady on Flickr and she knits tiny items - about 5mm long and it amazes me what she can do. I think she knits on pins!
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          That sounds amazing and its good to give yourself a challenge!!
          Can you post a pic of La Gioconda when its done pleeease!!!

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            Oh wow that sounds so hard. Can't wait to see what you come up with
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              The big painting is all ready to be done at the weekend, unless it snows!! Snow! after the day we had yesterday!

              That large painting will be done and dusted in a few seconds, whereas the small one has taken around 4 hours so far, so I'm taking a break now from the Mona Lisa to give my eyes a rest, and am going to paint some miniature florals, still small, but easier to do at 50 x 40mm

              If I can get the Mona Lisa finished I will post a picture up. One slightly selfish reason I posted this thread is to keep me at it. I can't let you lot down can I?

              Hopefully by close of play today I will have it finished.

              Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

              Even the best of us make mistakes!


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                Here is a picture...

                Below is the first picture of my tiny Mona Lisa. It is still to be finished but it gives you an idea of the scale that I am working at.

                Sorry it's a bit blurred, when the painting is finally finished I will get a clearer image.

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                Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

                Even the best of us make mistakes!


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                  Wow totally in awe of your skill. Looking forward to seeing the next picture of it.



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                    That's amazing!
                    Painting's hard enough, but at that small scale! incredible!


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                      i like painting small pictures but not that small good luck
                      Jan xx



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                        I am SOOO impressed. You are one talented guy! It is brilliant. So is it cucumber slices or cold teabags for the eyes now?!
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                          Good Skills

                          Looks very impressive, you must have a very steady hand.
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                            Thats unbelievable how you can paint soooo small

                            very very impressive!
                            Av xx
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                              That's fantastic, some dolls house somewhere is going to be very well decorated.