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    Hia Folks

    I love painting, and have done for a long time, ever learned gouache and sketch b4, but really into Chinese painting.

    Below are some of my painting, hope you like themJ

    Wonderful life

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    my lovely dog and painting
    Wonderful life


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      I see you are using a fully boned style of Chinese painting. Having sold loads of these in my business in the past, I can see you are getting quite good. Have you tried the free style brushwash paintings? For these you will need to use the traditional Chinese brushes as regular brushes will not hold the paint the same way, let alone allow you pre-shape the bristles or change colour along the bristles. Although is seems to be a looser way of painting, you have to be more controlled in the execution of each brush stroke.

      Did you know that many of the flowers, birds, butterflies and figures have special meanings as the sounds of the words are similar to our puns. If the meaning is of interest to you then I can recommend 3 books that are I believe out of print.

      "Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs" by C.A.S. Williams, published by Dover Publications of New York, USA. Originally published in 1931 and revised 1932, a third edition in 1941. The third edition was repinted by Dover in 1978 and has an ISBN 0-486-23372-3. This is a very easy book to follow as it has the subjects in alphabetical order and includes the chinese characters alongside titles.

      "Things Chinese" by J. Dyer Ball, published by Oxford University Press in Hong Kong. This was first published in 1892, a revised fifth edition in 1925. The OUP edition is a reprint of the 1925 edition and has an ISBN 0 19 581525 4. It has a similar layout to the CAS Williams book, is a thicker volume than the one above, therefore includes more information. The big drawback is that the language used is from 1925 and is heavier reading.

      "A Dictionary of Chinese Symbols" published by Routledge & Kegan Paul of London. It was originally published in German in 1983. This English edition was published in 1986 and has an ISBN 0-7102-0191-5. Again a similar layout, but the thinest of the 3 volumes.

      You should be able to track down copies on

      Hope this information is of use.



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        hi roger, thanks for you comments,
        tried some free style painting b4,but not succeed, it need strong ability to control the colour and brush.

        Thanks for your recommendation
        Wonderful life


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          They are very good - have you thought about making prints?


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            Really they look so beautiful.
            I like painting so much.If you have more collection in painting then please share as soon as possible.
            I am in waiting.
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              Hi! Your painting are nice. I love to paint my self sometimes..


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                Very nice, the third picture is my favourite


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                  They're beautiful - especially the fan-style ones


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                    thank you all
                    Wonderful life



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                      print you paintings at cheap rate

                      Hi Poppywong, How are you? I hope you will be fine.
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